Change Management 

As the connecting South West (cSWO) Program Change Management & Adoption Delivery Partner, we work with local health services providers to facilitate the business/technical adoption of cSWO Electronic Health Record Program solutions and standards into the regular delivery of care. The Office's Change Management & Adoption team also works with HNHB LHIN Health Links to support the rollout of other coordination tools beyond ClinicalConnect. The Change Management & Adoption team takes a structured yet customizable approach to change. With in-depth sector knowledge, established relationships and a customer focused approach, the team is able to recommend and support change strategies that best align with the needs and objectives of the health service providers within the HNHB LHIN. The Change Management Model used by the Change Management & Adoption team has evolved over the years, incorporating many industry best practices, while still providing the customized approach required for our health service providers. 

Discovery Phase, we focus on developing in-depth knowledge of the solutions, sector, and individual health service provider organizations. This facilitates are engagement strategy, maximizing the Stakeholder Engagement & Initiation phase, while minimizing overall implementation efforts.The Stakeholder Engagement & Initiation Phase is when we first interact with the individual health service providers. During these interactions, we bring awareness to the available eHealth solutions, and then support the executive stakeholders through the application and assessment stages, to ensure organizational readiness.Throughout the Implementation Planning Phase, customized change management strategies are developed to support the culture and/or operational shift required to benefit from the eHealth Solutions. These strategies encompass a variety of areas, including internal communications, workflow analysis and documentation, employee training, and benefits realization assessments to name a few.During the Implementation Phase, in partnership with the executive stakeholders, we bring the strategies to life. We continually monitor the execution of the planned strategies, ensuring timely support and course correction where required. Once the Implementation Phase is complete, and employees have adopted the eHealth solutions into their daily practices, we move to the Transition to Sustainment Phase. This is the time where we recognize the efforts of the organization and employees that were made throughout the change initiative, and migrate to an ongoing relationship model where we continue to engage with the individual health service providers, keeping them apprised of new eHealth Solutions, and supporting reinforcement activities when required.

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