eHealth Initiatives

ehealth initiatives led by our office include:


Health Information Technology Services (HITS), a division of Hamilton Health Sciences, is the Solution Provider for ClinicalConnect and HITS' eHealth Office is responsible for developing and deploying ClinicalConnect across all four South West Ontario LHINs. ClinicalConnect is a secure, web-based portal that provides physicians and clinicians with real-time access to their patients' electronic medical information from all acute care hospitals, Community Care Access Centres (CCACs), Regional Cancer Programs in South West Ontario, plus two provincial data repositories: the Ontario laboratories information system (OLIS) and the Southwestern Ontario Diagnostic Imaging Network (SWODIN). It is accessible on desktop and mobile devices, providing authorized physicians and clinicians with 24/7 access to their patients' electronic medical information aggregated from across the region. ClinicalConnect is viewed as a fundamental eHealth tool that bridges the gap between disparate information systems being used in acute and community-based health care facilities. For more information on ClinicalConnect, click here.  


We work with a number of healthcare organizations or data repositories to make their data available to authorized physicians and clinicians through integrations with ClinicalConnect. Here are some highlights of that work:


Health Links - The HITS eHealth Office supports Health Links by identifying for healthcare providers, from within ClnicalConnect, which patients have a Coordinated Care Plan initiated by a Health Link in the Hamilton Niagara Haldimand Brant Local Health Integration Network. To learn more about Health Links, click here.  


Diagnostic Imaging Repositories - The HITS eHealth Office works with Mohawk Shared Services and the Southwestern Ontario Diagnostic Imaging Network (SWODIN) teams to integrate diagnostic images being contributed by hospitals in South West Ontario to SWODIN with ClinicalConnect. Diagnostic images from almost all acute care facilities are available via this SWODIN integration from hospitals in the region, and complement the diagnostic imaging reports that are also available in ClinicalConnect. Planning is underway as well to integrate ClinicalConnect with eHealth Ontario's Diagnostic Imaging Common Services. To learn more about DI-CS, click here.


Community Care Access Centres (CCACs) - The HITS eHealth Office works with regional CCACs to integrate data from their Client Health & Related Information System (CHRIS) into the CCAC module of ClinicalConnect. Access to this information provides hospital and other community providers access to information being input by the CCACs, helping to ensure smoother transitions from the community into acute care facilities, and then back to the community.


eHealth Ontario - The HITS eHealth Office works with eHealth Ontario to integrate lab data from their Ontario laboratories information system (OLIS). We also work with eHealth Ontario to leverage ClinicalConnect to send lab data from HNHB LHIN hospitals to OLIS. To learn more about OLIS, click here.


OntarioMD - The HITS eHealth Office works with OMD to leverage ClinicalConnect to send Radiology and Transcription reports to their Hospital Report Manager (HRM) from hospitals in the HNHB LHIN. To learn more about HRM, click here. In addition, the HITS eHealth Office is exploring options, in collaboration with OMD, to leverage ClinicalConnect to send electronic notifications (eNotifications) to CCAC and primary care providers when their patients have encounters at regional hospitals' emergency department, in or outpatient areas.

Other eHealth Initiatives


The HITS eHealth Office is involved in advancing a number of other solution-based initiatives including:


Single Sign On/Contextual Launch - The HITS eHealth Office works with a variety of healthcare organizations to provision access to ClinicalConnect for users at their organization directly from their organization's information system (as opposed to a separate, web-based login). A growing number of acute care hospitals in South West Ontario have this functionality available to their ClinicalConnect users, and work is underway to implement the same functionality for long-term care homes, as well as from within eSHIFT, an Homecare tool used by clinicians to remotely direct care through another provider at the patient's location.


eReferrals - The HITS eHealth Office is working to allow ClinicalConnect users at acute care facilities to send referrals electronically to CCACs.


eConsults - The HITS eHealth Office is looking at ways to support eConsults between physicians, leveraging ClinicalConnect.

eVisits - The HITS eHealth Office is exploring options to use Ontario Telemedicine Network's Personal Videoconferencing service to facilitate eVisits between physicians and patients, leveraging ClinicalConnect. To learn more about OTN's Personal Videoconferencing Service, click here.  


Integrated Decision Support (IDS) Business Intelligence Solution

The HITS eHealth Office works closely with Hamilton Health Sciences' Integrated Decision Support team to leverage its tool to provide better, more accurate patient information to health service providers through ClinicalConnect. IDS is hosted by HHS and is a business intelligence system that supports system-wide planning and performance reporting.