eHealth Initiatives

The HITS eHealth Office is involved in advancing a number of solution-based initiatives, including:


ClinicalConnect is a secure, web-based portal that provides physicians and clinicians with real-time access to their patients' electronic medical information from hospitals, Local Health Integration Networks’ Home & Community Care Services (formerly Community Care Access Centres), Regional Cancer Programs in South West Ontario, plus various provincial data repositories including the Ontario Laboratories Information System (OLIS), the Southwestern Ontario Diagnostic Imaging Network (SWODIN), the Digital Health Drug Repository (DHDR), the Diagnostic Imaging Common Service (DI CS) and Acute Clinical Data Repository (aCDR). To see a complete summary of the types of data available in ClinicalConnect, please see the Integration Status Chart. It is accessible on desktop and mobile devices, providing authorized physicians and clinicians with 24/7 access to their patients' electronic medical information aggregated from across the region. ClinicalConnect is viewed as a fundamental eHealth tool that bridges the gap between disparate information systems being used in acute and community-based health care facilities. To see a list of healthcare organizations that contribute and/or consume personal health information in ClinicalConnect, please see the Participant Organizations list. 

Other eHealth Initiatives

The HITS eHealth Office is involved in advancing a number of other solution-based initiatives, including:  


eConsult (Physician to Physician): Enables family physicians and specialists to more efficiently exchange patient health information electronically and request advice from one another, and better coordinate patient care.  

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eSHIFT supports the eHomecare strategy and enables Registered Nurses (RNs) to care for multiple patients simultaneously by assessing/monitoring/directing intervention via specially trained technicians in the patients home.

eClinic supports the eHomecare strategy where HNHB LHIN works with patients and partners to support individuals with a chronic disease to improve their health and live as independently as possible at home.  


eVisit (Physician/Clinician to Patient): Deploys Ontario Telemedicine Network’s (OTN) Personal Computer Videoconferencing service (PCVC) to health service providers (HSPs) in HNHB LHIN to ‘see’ patients virtually without an office/site visit. 

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Health Report Manager (HRM): Enables clinicians, using an OntarioMD (OMD)-certified Electronic Medical Record (EMR), to securely receive patient reports electronically from participating hospitals and specialty clinics


Regional Integration: Integrates additional data sources with the connecting South West Ontario (cSWO) Regional Clinical Viewer, ClinicalConnect™, including:


· MOH’s Digital Health Drug Repository (DHDR) 
· eHealth Ontario’s Diagnostic Imaging (DI) Common Service (DI-CS) 
· eHealth Ontario’s Acute Care Clinical Data Repository (aCDR)
· Integration with Provincial Client Registry (PCR) 
· Pilot for Secure Messaging via ClinicalConnect
· New User Interface for ClinicalConnect
· Primary Care Data Share (PCDS)   

eReferrals: Enables clinicians to request a referral for service from another care provider electronically, improving the patient care experience and enabling clinicians to better track the referral status. There are many eReferral development projects underway, and may include central intake, wait time functionality and patient access to their referrals. 


To learn more about how we support eHealth initiatives in the HNHB LHIN, please email