The HITS eHealth Office is working to deploy Sunnybrook’s MyChart to patients in South West Ontario so they can securely access their electronic health records.

The project includes two key parts:  

1. Integrate data from ClinicalConnect with MyChart

2. Deploy MyChart to patients in SWO

ClinicalConnect Integration

The project scope includes integrating data from the 72 hospital sites, 4 LHINs' Home & CommunityCare Services and regional cancer programs already aggregated in the regional provider portal, ClinicalConnect, with Sunnybrook's patient portal, MyChart. The project is focusing on two domains of experience: eViews and eVisits.

 > eViews will provide patients access to their clinical information such as lab results, diagnostic reports, medications, allergies and clinical notes. 

> eVisits will deliver enhanced functionality to digitally distribute patient education content and surveys. The project is also investigating the feasibility for future implementation of secure messaging between patients and providers, and online appointment booking. At this time, data contained in provincial repositories (assets) managed by the MOHLTC, will not be integrated nor available to patients using MyChart. 

Deployment & Adoption

When the two solutions are 'connected', MyChart will be deployed at up to four early adopter sites in SWO starting in April 2018 (and for the purposes of this project, SWO is defined as four LHINs: Erie St. Clair (LHIN 1), South West (LHIN 2), Waterloo Wellington (LHIN 3) and Hamilton Niagara Haldimand Brant (LHIN 4). The early adopter sites currently confirmed are:

 > South West LHIN: London Health Sciences' Regional Cancer program, in collaboration with St. Joseph's Health Care London

  > HNHB LHIN: Hamilton Health Sciences' McMaster Children's Hospital (Complex Care, Transition Clinic and Bariatrics)  

From an adoption perspective, the project has a goal of enrolling 65,000 patients in total from the early adopter organizations. As success is realized within this project, the initiative has the ability to impact up to 3.6 million residents of SWO, assuming further deployment beyond the early adopter organizations.



MyChart™ provides:

Access to clinical information directly from electronic patient record systems, including lab results and diagnostic reports.


> Physicians and clinicians may not need to duplicate tests if you have access to the most recent test results available.

> Information that may aid in your care in an emergency is quickly accessible, no matter where you are.

> You can better manage your own and your family’s health information in one record.

> With MyChart™, you can access a personal diary to document symptoms, capture side effects of medications and record health information such as daily blood pressure levels, diet, weight and heart rate. This information can be shared with your health care provider. 

> When you share access to your health information with multiple physicians, it keeps all your health care providers informed.

> Helps you take control of your health management at home with tools to track health status, vaccinations and screenings such as mammograms and physicals.

> It may help your physician or health care team make care decisions with you when you are travelling.


Hamilton Health Sciences receives funding to deploy digital health access channel for residents of South West Ontario (News Release)

HHS obtains funding for patient portal in SW Ontario  (Canadian Healthcare Technology article)

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