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Supporting Health Service Providers in Implementing and Advancing the Effective Use of Digital Health

Designed to support front-line clinicians and managers who are implementing healthcare solutions in their workflow or practice, our team of experts uses a Change Model, as shown below, which reflects leading practices and continually incorporates improvements based on feedback from our clients and team members. This enables us to customize your experience while ensuring consistency when managing change.

HITS eHealth Office Change Management Model

Discovery, Stakeholder Engagement and Initiation Phases

During these initial stages, we are working closely with senior stakeholders to understand their organizational culture, priorities, and readiness to move forward with implementing the available digital health solutions. Activities in these phases include:

Implementation Planning and Support

These steps include imparting knowledge and specific skills among stakeholders to promote solution adoption that is tailored to the individual needs of health service providers. With the strategic elements addressed, focus shifts to core change management activities, including planning and subsequent implementation support. Focus on these areas include:

Transition to Sustainment and Monitoring and Evaluation Phase

Throughout the implementation, we are constantly tracking results to ensure the change activities are effective and continue to meet the needs of health service providers. Once changes prove to be the new norm or standard, knowledge is transferred to the health service providers for ongoing sustainability. As part of the newly formed relationship, regular touchpoints are held to identify additional support needs, as well as to ensure awareness of the continual evolution of the digital health solutions.

Continual Improvement and Capturing Clinical Value

As part of our continual improvement, we are always learning from our implementations, and from the feedback of our customers and users. On occasion, we are able to capture and understand the clinical value these digital health solutions provide to the end users. In these instances, we partner with the users/health service providers to document their experiences, via a Benefits Realization case, enabling insights and best practice sharing with their peers and health service providers across health sectors.

Click here for a list of Benefits Realization cases in the HNHB LHIN.

For more information, or if you are interested in participating in a BR case, please email: info@HITSeHealth.ca.

For more information about implementing and advancing the effective use of digital health, please contact the HITS eHealth Office Change Management Team by phone: 905.521.2100 ext. 44990 or email: info@HITSeHealth.ca.