Hamilton Health Sciences puts technology to work - April, 2015

posted: February 13, 2018

CompuCom is a strategic partner. They understand our strategy, vision and requirements, and provide the insight and depth of expertise to help us meet our objectives.

Hamilton Health Sciences (HHS), a family of seven hospitals, a cancer center and urgent care center serves 2.3 million residents of Hamilton and south central Ontario, Canada. As an academic teaching center, it is the second largest hospital group in Ontario and is a regional referral center for everything from pediatrics through long-term care. With a staff of approximately 15,000, the group is committed to providing exemplary care.

The Challenge
Originally, network management issues in 1999 lead HHS to outsource, seeking state-of-the-art network support to meet current and five-year growth plans, despite capital constraints. Like other hospitals, HHS is constantly under budget pressures, with its IT services group receiving a very small portion of the total operating budget. After fixing the network, they needed to find a new IT model. HHS sought innovative ways to reduce cost and increase efficiency.

As a teaching center, HHS realized they were well positioned to offer IT services to other hospitals. With this strategic vision, HHS created HITS, Healthcare IT Services, a shared services organization providing IT to HHS and other hospitals in the region. Today, they continue to have a requirement of providing ubiquitous network reach to all customers. Their goal is to provide greater services than smaller hospitals would be able to do alone, and offer better value for the IT dollar. This increases revenue for HHS, without the additional capital allocation for them or th eir customers.

The Solution
For more than 15 years, CompuComŽ has delivered a flexible network structure that allows for mobility, stability and absolute resilience on the network. Working with partner Cisco Capital, CompuCom was able to structure a program that saw $10 million plus in investment, backed by a solid service level agreement (SLA) model. Today, CompuCom provides a whole host of IT services in addition to network utility, including remote services support for the hospital system, project management, SAN services and security implementation and management. CompuCom supports more than 27,000 HHS devices and 15,000 end users.

In addition, CompuCom provides program management services to help build security, mobility and other components of the HHS strategy. HHS credits CompuCom for their support in helping HHS launch HITS. By leveraging CompuCom, HHS has been able to offer broader out reach services.

The Results
Working with CompuCom for more than 15 years, HHS has been able to provide other area hospitals with the kind of IT services they could never afford alone. With CompuCom as a partner, HHS brings staff resources and a wide array of services to others, while keeping costs low. Throughout this long-term partnership, CompuCom has proven to be a technology partner who understands this client's business, vision, and requirements, and provides the insight and depth of expertise to help HHS meet its objectives. More importantly, CompuCom and HHS have enabled regional healthcare providers access to better information and technology that improves the delivery of quality care to patients across the region.