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The HITS eHealth Office is pleased to be the Hamilton Niagara Haldimand Brant (HNHB) Regional Lead for the eConsult Centre of Excellence. In this role, we are able to assist you in gaining access to eConsult through the OTNHub, including supporting you with any training or questions that arise.

If you’re not familiar with eConsult, it is a secure web-based tool that allows physicians and nurse practitioners with timely access to specialist advice for all patients, and often eliminates the need for an in-person specialist visit. The OTNHub, in addition to eConsult, also provides you with other services, including eVisits (video conferencing, and a specialist directory).

To see how eConsult is performing within HNHB, please refer to our latest infograph.

For more information on the Ontario eConsult Program visit, as well as about the platform.

Getting Access to eConsult and the OTNHub

Primary Care Physicians or Nurse Practitioners

If you are a primary care physician or nurse practitioner working for an OTN Member Organization, you can sign up with your ONE ID and get same day access to submit eConsults through OTNHub.

If you do not belong to an existing OTN Member Ogranization, you can sign up with your ONE ID and get same day access to submit eConsults through the Ontario eConsult Service. Visit the OTNhub sign up page to register.

If you do not have a ONE ID account, physicians can register for one through your CPSO Member Portal. For any other users requiring a ONEID account, please email us at


Specialists interested in providing eConsults must be registered through our team, please complete a Registration form and return to Please note the registration process may take up to 4 weeks as we are currently experiencing a high volume of requests.

Specialists who are not interested in providing eConsults, and only wish to access eVisits (Provider-to-Patient video visits) on OTNhub can complete the OTN self-serve sign up process (  

Please note, by signing up for the Ontario eConsult Service on the OTNhub, you will also gain access to OTN Video Visits (eVisits), which enables health care providers to connect to patients and other health care providers through video.  For more information, training resources and support for OTN Video Visits see or contact OTN at 1-855-654-0888.


If you would like to provide eConsult access to other staff supporting you (e.g., allied health, clerical admin), please complete the Delegate portion of the Registration form and forward it to

Providing delegate access within the to eVisits scheduling only can be self-managed through your organization’s OTN primary contact.

Why would I want it?

In many organized care settings, when a Primary Care Provider (PCP) has a question about a patient, they can ask a colleague for advice. These “hallway consultations” happen frequently and though the PCP often gets the advice needed, there are other challenges it creates. With eConsult there are benefits to both parties utilizing eConsult. 

Benefits to Primary Care Providers Benefits to Specialists
  • Timely access to non-urgent questions (average response time of
  • Improved care coordination and collaboration between clinicians
  • Opportunities to enhance learning and manage patient cases at the family practice level
  • Private and secure communication portal with a simple sign-in process
  • Supports delegate access within your practice to save you time
  • Family physicians can bill OHIP for eConsult referrals
  • Reduces unnecessary referrals and focuses treatment for patients on a priority basis
  • Specialists can also use eConsult to access advice from other specialists
  • Opportunities for knowledge sharing and improved communication with primary care providers
  • Liability protection through the permanent audit trail
  • Specialists are compensated a prorated hourly rate based on the time it takes to complete an eConsult

For more information, please refer to our Primary Care Provider and our Specialist Overviews.

What Specialists are available through it?

There is an increasing number of specialists responding to eConsults available through the OTNHub.

If you know, or prefer to use, a specific specialist, they may be available through the Direct-to-Specialist option (for a list of specialists currently available click here). If you don’t have a specific specialist in mind, you can access specialists' setup in the BASETM Managed Specialty Groups (for a full list click here). There is a provincial group that supports eConsults from across the province, as well as HNHB Regional groups, which are supported by local specialists (for a full list click here).

How do I use it?

Using eConsult and the OTNHub is simple.  We have put together a few reference documents to help you out, but if you’d prefer more of a one-on-one training session, please contact us at



Where can I learn more?

If you have more questions please feel free to contact us at or go to our partner links:

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