Mission, Vision and Values


Our mission is to enable healthcare providers, patients, and their caregivers’ use of digital health solutions so they can become more engaged in their healthcare journey. 

By driving the innovation, transformation, adoption and sustainable use of these digital health solutions, providers can efficiently access patients’ records and connect electronically with other providers to better deliver healthcare to patients.  Patients can easily access their information, receive care in more places, and have more ownership of their healthcare. 


Our vision is to be recognized, by providers, patients, healthcare institutions and related government agencies, as a leader in digital health innovation and transformation.


Innovation - we couple stakeholder input with our own efforts to explore ways to continuously evolve our products and services to drive digital health innovation and transformation 

Collaboration – we work with providers, patients and key stakeholders to foster a dynamic and cooperative approach to drive digital health innovation and transformation

Communication – we share successes and promote the impact of digital health tools on providers and patients, raising visibility of these solutions and experiences, to drive digital health innovation and transformation 

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