Here are a few testimonials about how using ClinicalConnect has helped a variety of healthcare providers deliver more efficient and safer care to their patients. To see even more testimonials, including videos, that explain the benefits of using ClinicalConnect, visit the ClinicalConnect information website

"Now, with ClinicalConnect, we have the information we need right at our fingertips – so we know exactly what happened to a child or youth at appointments at other facilities, or in an Emergency Room. ClinicalConnect has been extremely helpful to us in triaging crisis calls, allowing us to better assist families in need more quickly."
– Esther Bulk, Mental Health Worker, St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton

 “ClinicalConnect helps with the flow of patients through the system with as much information as possible, when we need it.  It is an efficient tool and promotes autonomy for our users; they don’t have to make multiple phone calls to gather information that is usually needed that instant.”
Tania MacDonald, Client Services Manager and HNHB LHIN CHRIS Lead

“ClinicalConnect is a hugely valuable complement to Hamilton Health Sciences’ information technology resources.”
Dr. Irwin Walker, Chief of Hematology, Hamilton Health Sciences

“[ClinicalConnect] is easy to use, and there is a supportive cSWO Change Management & Adoption Delivery Partner team at Hamilton Health Sciences who listens to our issues and requests.”
Dr. Barbara Teal, Medical Director and Primary Care Lead, HNHB LHIN

“In the past we had essentially no access to patient info from other hospitals so it often took many days after admission to get a complete picture of the patient’s past history. This often resulted in repeat tests, miscommunication, and delayed care. Now, with the click of a mouse I can be instantly looking at consult notes, discharge summaries, radiology reports and lab data from previous hospital visits from across South West Ontario.”
Dr. Rob Lloyd, Chief Medical Information Officer, Hamilton Health Sciences

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